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Benefits of a Total Wellness Visit

Some patients might consider medical exams intimidating, including seniors who may have faced complex health issues in the past. Regular exams serve as important opportunities to engage with a provider about potential health problems, however, and can often allow providers to identify issues before they progress.

In an effort to promote more senior patient participation in these valuable exams, HealthCare Partners Medical Group offers the Total Wellness Visit for individuals 65 and older. During this comprehensive exam, a primary care provider works with a team of medical professionals to conduct a thorough health evaluation, while providing plenty of time for the patient to ask questions.

The Total Wellness Visit includes two hour-long appointments approximately two weeks apart. Patients only pay one regular office visit co-pay for the entire service.

Each of the two office visits analyzes a wide range of health factors.

The first visit includes:

1. Health history: Members of medical team will ask about your current health, any changes since your last visit and your prescriptions. They will also make sure all of your personal information is current.

2. Vaccinations: You will get your flu shot and any other vaccines you need.

3. Tests: The team will decide with you on conducting tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, bone density, breathing and more.

4. Screenings: The team will determine if you have any signs of common conditions and whether screenings are necessary.

5. Time for any questions a patient might have.

The second visit includes:

1. One-on-one time: Your doctor has scheduled this time just for you, to discuss every aspect of your health.

2. Partnership: With time to ask questions and receive careful answers, you will take active part in your health care decisions.

3. Comfort and confidence: The thorough exam allows you to meet your medical team and learn more about your overall health.

4. Early detection: Many health problems that affect your quality of life later may not have symptoms now. When caught early, treatment is often easier.

5. Choices just for you: Thanks to the large number of available screenings and the time we can take to discuss your personal health needs, you will receive a health evaluation customized for your needs.

6. Personal attention: Your medical team will offer in-depth discussions, with recommendations for maintaining your health between visits.

This comprehensive exam reflects the high-quality care HealthCare Partners Medical Group provides under its Total Care Model, provides patients with access to a coordinated team of primary care providers, specialists, case managers and other professionals who work together to manage all aspects of patients’ care and overall health.

HealthCare Partners Medical Group encourages seniors to schedule a Total Wellness Visit soon. For more information, visit