Medicare Open Enrollment Tips

Medicare Open Enrollment_Why It's Important to You

Medicare Open Enrollment can be daunting with the number of plans, the changes to existing plans and the changes to your health care needs to consider. So, where should you begin with all of this?

The first crucial step is establishing your needs. Have your health care needs changed? Have your prescription drug needs changed? These are important factors when beginning your research.

Next, establish the cost as to what type of plan may be appropriate for you. Dental, vision, hearing and preventative screenings can all be key to consider when looking at your Medicare options.

Total Care is another option to consider when examining and weighing health care plans. The Total Care Model is a health care model is built upon preventative care providing patients with access to a coordinated team. Medicare Advantage plans typically provide improved access to the Total Care Model.

Another key tip to consider is evaluating your prescription drug needs and making sure that the prescription drugs that you are currently taking can be covered under your health care plan. Medicare Part D, often referred to as prescription drug coverage, can generally be added to your Medicare plan. Medicare Advantage often allows you to receive prescription drug coverage similar to Part D. Remember that it is absolutely important to review your prescription drug needs when selecting which plan is right for you.

Above all, you should always consider your options. Some helpful tools for exploring plans can be found at Visit for more details on the Total Care Model and the advantages of Medicare Advantage.