The Total Care Model

Coordinated Care

Great health care makes for an even greater life. No matter the stage of life you may be in, it’s important to use a health care program that meets your individual needs. One way of achieving this is through patient-centered health care. At HealthCare Partners, we call it Total Care. With the Total Care Model, we aim to achieve the highest level of health care possible while minimizing costs. Keeping patients at the center of their own personal health care, we focus on preventative care with long-term health as our goal.

So, what is Total Care? Think of the Total Care Model as your one-stop shop for all of your health care needs, with an entire network of health care providers working collaboratively to manage your overall health, including: primary care providers, nurse practitioners, specialists and care managers. This model of care includes a strong focus on prevention and helping patients maximize their health insurance benefits.

Among your network of resources, the Total Care Model also includes screenings and immunizations, including flu and pneumonia shots. This approach to care serves as a comprehensive model designed for you to carefully manage your own health, allowing our highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, specialists and care coordinators to work together in unison on meeting your health care needs.

Total Care also includes preventative medicine – you shouldn’t ever wait until after you’re sick to see a doctor. For most of our patients, this means that you will most likely visit your primary care doctor more often, even when you are not in poor health. The Total Care Model promotes- decreased hospitalizations, improved patient outcomes and an overall greater quality of life.

During Medicare Open Enrollment, the Total Care Model may be an advantageous health care program for you to examine for your individual health care needs. If you are interested in the Total Care Model and how it may help you save on health care costs through optimizing your health, visit for more information.