The Advantage Of Medicare Advantage

The Advantage of Medicare Advantage

The Medicare Open Enrollment period is a crucial time where many senior citizens can take advantage of the multiple Medicare options available to them. But how can it benefit you? This special time provides the opportunity to adjust your health care plan for your evolving or new health care needs – and it may even save you money! But where should you begin when comparing the multiple options? One Medicare option to explore taking advantage of is Medicare Part C, better known as Medicare Advantage.

So – what is Medicare Advantage? Medicare Advantage helps with hospital costs, doctor visits, as well as other medical care. On top of that, Medicare Advantage can also offer prescription drug coverage, vision, hearing and even fitness plans – all bundled into one neat package. The premiums also tend to be less expensive than obtaining separate Medicare Part D (prescription drug) and Medigap (Medicare supplemental) coverage.

Medicare Advantage features access to the Total Care Model and can provide protection against high out-of-pocket expenses. The Total Care Model is a “one-stop” approach for health care, with an entire network of health care providers working collaboratively to manage overall health, including: primary care providers, nurse practitioners, specialists and care managers. This model of care includes a strong focus on prevention and helping patients maximize their health insurance benefits.

If you live with a chronic health condition, another advantage is that some Medicare Advantage plans offer personalized telephone care management, education, health coaching and support from registered nurses and other health professionals. Some Medicare Advantage plans also even cover pneumonia and flu shots!

So what factors should you look at when it’s time to consider what Medicare plan is most advantageous to you? As with most things in life, it’s important to closely examine your costs, as each option may vary, including the health care benefits for each plan. Next, consider your access to high-quality and reputable medical care. Is there access to the Total Care Model? Also, is the network large enough to meet your individual health needs? You should also consider ease of access to primary care physicians as well as specialists.

There are numerous Medicare plans to examine as well as many factors to consider when comparing which option is most advantageous for your individual health care needs.

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