Tips for Maintaining Heart Health By: Dr. Nirav Joshi

Men's Health

With June serving as Men’s Health Awareness Month, HealthCare Partners Nevada recognizes the importance of raising awareness about preventable health issues and encouraging men to be proactive in seeking treatment for their ailments, including heart disease. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that, in 2012, the life expectancy for females was 81.2 years, compared to only 76.4 for males.

There are many reasons why men have a shorter life expectancy than women, including a higher risk for contracting illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and HIV, according to the CDC. In addition, a higher percentage of men have no health insurance and are more likely to have professions that are considered high-risk, including mining, construction and firefighting.

The leading cause of death among men is heart disease. Approximately 70 to 89 percent of sudden cardiac episodes occur in men, yet half of all men who die of sudden coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms. There are numerous steps that can be taken to improve cardiac health. Monitoring blood pressure is vital, as is regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. A diet high in fruits and vegetables is important and, of course, abstaining from smoking is imperative.

As men age, they need to be more aware of the symptoms of certain diseases. Rather than waiting for symptoms to worsen, HealthCare Partners Nevada encourages men to take the initiative and schedule check-ups with their health care providers on a regular basis. This allows doctors to provide patients with the best possible care and outline necessary treatment plans. Early detection and prevention play an integral role in keeping people healthy, and we want to ensure our patients are taking the steps needed to live long, productive lives.

HealthCare Partners Nevada’s innovative Total Care Model can help patients manage their health care and ensure screenings are completed at an appropriate time. There is no better time than the present to call and schedule an appointment with a HealthCare Partners Nevada provider. This coordination of care also helps patients maximize their health insurance benefits, which is critically important for patients who require long-term treatment.