How to Manage Blood Pressure By: Dr. Alfred Danielian

Blood Pressure
Managing blood pressure serves as a crucial component of maintaining overall wellness. High blood pressure can cause health issues. Medical advances have provided effective means to help prevent these issues, with a wide variety of medications available to help reduce blood pressure. These medications often make a valuable difference, as long as patients never fail to take their medications.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle can also reduce blood pressure and even the need for medication. Useful lifestyle practices that help reduce blood pressure include:

•Losing weight- Blood pressure tends to rise when an individual’s weight increases.

•Exercising regularly- Working out 30 to 60 minutes several days a week can significantly reduce an individual’s blood pressure.

• Maintaining a healthy diet- A comprehensive diet that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables and minimal saturated fat can result in a noticeable reduction in blood pressure.

Following these simple steps for managing blood pressure can help people live longer, more active lives. HealthCare Partners cardiologists are always available to provide additional information on carrying out these measures effectively.