Don’t Miss a Step, Schedule your Annual Checkup By: Dr. Lana Dawood

Annual Check up
The New Year is the best time for you to take charge of your health. An easy way to get started is by scheduling an annual checkup with a HealthCare Partners provider. A regular physical can help your provider determine if you need to undergo additional screenings or immunizations.
Take the following steps to make the most of your annual checkup:

• Update your family history – Take note of any diseases or conditions that have occurred within your immediate and extended family.

• Be forthcoming – When it comes to checkups, honesty is the best policy. Certain aspects of your lifestyle may put you at risk for a variety of diseases.

• Ask about screenings, exams and vaccinations – Ask your provider about screening tests that are appropriate for you based on age, family health history and lifestyle.

An annual checkup is an important preventative measure that can help you and your providers pinpoint any health problems before they start. Many diseases are treatable with early prevention, and taking the proper steps to ensure that diseases are discovered early can go a long way toward leading a long and healthy life.

Schedule an appointment with a provider today to start taking a more proactive approach to maintaining your health.