Mental Well-Being & Your Health

Mental HealthPeople with depression are at double the risk of developing diabetes. Treatment for depression helps people deal with managing diabetes and makes following their diet and medication plan easier.

There is more to health than preventing disease and sickness. Mental health is important to living a long productive life. Well-being includes positive emotions and moods, the absence of depression and anxiety, positive functioning, and satisfaction with life.

Health promotion is the process of taking control over improving your own health. Overall, health improvement includes physical and mental well-being. Beyond diet and exercise, individuals can increase their focus on social relationships, resiliency, positive emotions, and independence.

Depression often occurs with serious illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. It also occurs with social and economic difficulties, and with major life changes. If left untreated, depression can delay recovery or worsen the outcome of other illnesses.

Depression is a common problem among older adults especially after the death of a loved one or moving from one living situation to another. After a period of adjustment, many people regain their emotional balance. For others, depression is a long term ailment.

Many people are not willing to talk about their feelings of sadness or grief, however, your health care provider offers a safe place to express these feelings. Through open conversation, your doctor can help determine the best treatment and in turn better treat physical ailments.

Remember physical and mental well-being are both important to caring for your whole self. Help your doctor to help you by discussing your feelings openly.